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We buy Excess Stock of Electronic Components

Electronicount buy Excess Stock of electronic components either Active, Passive or Electromechanical products.

We are interrested by an inventory of electronic component non used, that you are ready to sell

This Excess can be due by:

  • a minimum order quantity from supplier

  • a wrong Forecasting

  • by an end of Contract by the Customer

  • a new Technology which replaces the last one

  • keeping some parts in case of future demands or maintenance due to warranty for example.

Electronicount can propose different solutions for the list depending on our and your need and the market :

  1. We buy this excess as whole list.

  2. We buy some parts of your list without the other refs.

  3. We post your excess of electronic parts online, for Free. Globally viewed it can give a second value to your inventory.

Benefits :

  • Amortize some financial losses

  • Leaves spaces on warehouse

  • Gives an activity on your stock

  • Preserve the environment in case of waste

For quality prupose we only consider excess to resell as new (non use)  and original from the Manufacturer.

Excess Whole list Buy 4 Pallets
Excess Whole list buy 2 Pallets
Excess Whole List Buy 2nd Pallets
Excess buy by Lot (some line items)
Upload Excess

Thanks for Sending

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