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Electronicount acknowledge that Counterfeit parts are recurrent in the electronics domain, especially when sometimes they are coming from the open market. Trying to recycle it or to make a lucrative business, the result is the same, the quality will be affected. It can be really difficult to detect it, as it can become an ordinary counterfeit part in the market. It’s mandatory and indispensable to provide quality control to avoid that. The quality control is a set of activities in order to check the quality of the product. We believe that fake parts can cause dramatic consequences when sometimes it’s going for transport, especially in the aeronautical field…We try as much as possible to buy components directly from Franchised, OEM and CM which are buying from Manufacturer or Franchised, and we don’t consider any components that have been used. We prefer parts coming from Europe rather than from some Asian countries.

Visual Inspection

Electronic Components Parts

The part number asked by the customer is DC0710J5010AHFT

On the label we can see : 620-DC0710J5010AHFT which is actually the same but referenced by Mouser as it is.

The parts are coming from Excess or OEM/CM

Electronic Components

The part number asked was IM06GR from TYCO. We can see an other part number : 2-1462037-3 which is an other reference from Tyco for the same part. Products coming from Excess OEM/CM

Electronic Components Part

The part number asked by the customer is CRL1220TR22J from TYCO. It showing that there are two manufacturers for the same part number RL0805FR07R22L.

There is a discrepancy on the label where the brand should be Yageo and not Tyco (for RL0805FR07R22L ). This new label on top of the old one is coming from the supplier OEM CM where the have made a mistake because CRL1220TR22J and RL0805FR07R22L are alternatives part with the same description.

Conclusion made after checking the part inside the reel.

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Electrical test

Upon Request with a Tierce Laboratory

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